Thursday, 18 November 2021

I’m going to be sore tomorrow…

Fabulous evening of circuits at jubilee sports centre then at the track with Southampton Tri Club 
7x400m about 29mins 🤗
Plus smashed out over 15,000 steps.
Is OF&H back on track???

Wednesday, 17 November 2021

First tentative steps - back on it?

I went out today after work 3.3km, 34mins of run/walking
I wasn't going to but decided I just needed to take those first few steps. Also I'm at the track with Tri club tomorrow so wanted to see just how unfit I am. 
OMG so so sooooo unfit!!

But I feel as if I've taken those first few steps of getting back on it.

Swimming at least 1-2 times a week
Been out cycling two Sundays running
And now, finally, after 5 weeks I've been for a run 🎉

Let's see how quickly I can lose 10kgs xx


Sunday, 17 October 2021

One sprained ankle to now 17/10/21


Found my old moon boot when i got home 16/8 so i could at least walk / cycle...

Can still swim

Had a lovely weekend in Stroud

Could party at Southampton Pride 28/8 as not racing 29/8 - STC club champs - helped with the BBQ instead (also out of the moon boot as Connor concerned about my knee when cycling as ankle immobilised)

Could ring my cowbell non stop from 9-12pm Sunday 5/9 at the Southampton 10k/half/marathon

Marshalled the 2nd LRR magic mile

Mexican street food and drinks at Overdraft pub for Muts bday

Loved Jake and Leanne's wedding 11/9

Sea swim Hengistbury Head

Start of NFL

Marshalling / helping Ashtead 10k

Busy start of term at work

Got sick - maybe some dodgy pesto

Getting into the habit of Jubilee swim after work Friday evenings 

9/10 LRR Billy Bash - 2 hours of non stop dancing plus tri club swimming and physio - I CAN RUN AGAIN

12/10 2.5km 23minutes - wahoooooooooo

Tickerly throat/cold so taking everything gently

Swim 15/10

Tri club swim / shopping 16/10 but quite tired

and now its 17/10/21

I didn't do the GSR

I can run again although as not 100% only run once since being given the green light from Rares

Watching NFL

Thinking i need to stop eating sugar. 

Checking the diary - what have i been up to?

20/7 Ran the LRR magic mile in 10.19

21/7 Cycled to Fleming park for the 1st RR10 7.5km 57:51

23/7 The most painful sports massage ever

24-25/7 Playing in London (tri club swim, run 6.85km 50:35)

27/7 Game of squash

28/7 Tri club swim

29/7 Naomi House running event in Winchester with Ally

Weekend in York for Cousin Ruth's 50th

2/8 Meal with tri buddies Suzanne, Jenny & Sue

3/8 Squash

4/8 Tri club swim

6/8 Summer swim girls meal out for Lindsay's engagement

7/8 Tri club swim

8/8 walking in Gosport

9/8 Swim at Ellinghan

10/8 Squash

11/8 Run and tri club swim

12-16/8 IOW



The holiday on the IOW was going so well...

BBq, Sandown beach, walking, Fighting Cocks meal, run Saturday morning 5k 40mins

And then the walk to the beach in sandles

Fell off a tuft of grass


No more running / events till the middle of October.


Put on 5kg

Much much later....

The swashbuckler is a distant memory!

I totally smashed it - well the swim, cycle and one lap of the run

Was the hotest day of the year - decided no need to practically kill myslef in the blazing sun - so did one lap of the run, felt epic, got my medal then had lunch with Suznne and the girls.

Such an amazing day!!

Here's my report for Southampton Tri Club :

Written on Monday 19th Juy 2021

Well I loved The Swashbuckler yesterday

🤗 Such a joy to go to bed by 9:30pm on a Saturday night while setting the alarm for 3:10am 😂 - although it’s been so long since my last stupid o’clock start time for an event, there was a small part of me that was secretly loving it xx

I’d also forgotten just how much stuff you have to pack / prepare / think about. I’m seeing mates in London next weekend otherwise I’d def be signing up for the transition skills session 👍

Really enjoyed the swim although I am thinking that after 7 years my ‘new to me’ wetsuit may be on its last season - can one just use a puncture repair kit on a hole? 🤔 It needs to get me round Ellingham at the end of August for the club champs.

The bike ride was fab, although wow, so much traffic on the 2nd lap - in fact the traffic was backed up to Ashurst so hoorah for local knowledge and the new bike path through to Lyndhurst and my mate H waiting at the bus stop to cheer me on. And was it just me or were there loads more animals out and about enjoying the New Forest yesterday?

I was worried about the cutoffs as I’ve never gone under 8 hours in a middle distance race. But I bloody smashed them! 46mins for the swim, 3:45 for the bike - that meant I had over THREE HOURS for the run!!! I was so excited!!! I was finally going to go under 8 hours!!! I slapped on suncream, grabbed my water bum bag, had a quick pee and excitedly left T2 whooping and cheering. Quick chat to more mates and off I went.

Gang I felt amazing. Game on. Loads of time, my water bum bag was full of snacks and the water was still semi frozen. A def Titanic moment - I was literally feeling ‘On Top Of The World!’
Needless to say if the weather had been less ‘hottest day of the year’ I’d of def been able to smash 8 hours.
Instead I decided one lap was plenty, so called it a day after 6 hours and 17mins of racing. I’d had such a brilliant time, absolutely no need to ruin it by doing the second lap and ending up grinding to a hot tired melted messy stop all dehydrated and miserable and in pain 🙁

So hoorah for stopping 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
I had a blast - and OMG - loved seeing so many club mates racing, marshalling, officiating, organising.
Our club really is brilliant 🤩

Saturday, 17 July 2021

Night before the Swashbuckler

Alarm set for 03:10 so of course I can't get to sleep at 21:35 😂

Been a good week…

Swam with Tri club last Saturday 
Saw Phil in Ashtead Sunday
Started new job Monday and swam
Gym and STC FB Q&A Tuesday
Gym and Tri club swimming Wednesday
STC TT Thursday - cycled out, TT 37.16
Swam Friday
Cleaned bike and registered today
In the water 06:05 tomorrow morning.

Chasing the cuts offs
Be fun to see how I do
It's going to be super hot so will see how I do with the run if make the bike cutoff 

Not as nervous as with the Lakesman, probably because I've got options to do Aquabike if want to


Thursday, 8 July 2021

Penultimate week before the Swashbuckler

And I'm writing this on my penultimate day at Sport and Wellbeing!!

4 years to the month I've been with S&W and tomorrow is my last day. Bonkers!

What a great week…

Hurtbox / stationary bike discord on Monday
Physio Johnny discharged me on Tuesday 
Swam 1.9k with Tri club on Wednesday in approx 49.10mins
Ran 4x800m with 3min rest at the track on Thursday 

#GettingReadyForTheSwashbuckletr 💪