Thursday, 2 January 2014

2014 - let's hope it's a good one with plenty of cheer.

So far so good...

Parkrun new years day in torrential rain. Ran with Vik who was doing her first ever parkrun so we ran together. A blustery but fun 5k in 37:27

Then this morning met up with the run gang gang of Stuart, Tamsyn and Katherine and we ran jogged gossiped (tamsyn and I) our way round the common for approx 30mins. Great fun and just good to get in a morning workout.

I'm planning on going to boxing this eve. I may have finally started my winter training!


Tamsyn said...

Well done for your 5k swim (it wasn't really a run, was it?)

Stuart has told me that listening to me talk for 30 minutes counts as an endurance event on its own, so that's an additional facet to your training ;-)

Healthy said...

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